Children's art in pictures

Children's art is the brightest page in the great art of adults. It is as diverse, subject to the same laws, is divided into the same types and genres, although it has special unique features. In children's creativity less skill than in adults, the lack of which is more than offset by the acuteness of the perception of the world, the joyful colors of his cognition and comprehension, the uncontrollable flight of childish fantasy.

By bringing children to the creative process, we help them to show themselves, to reveal the natural talent, to attach children to the general flow of world culture. Circles of children's creativity, children's art studios and art schools actively contribute to the education of children's aesthetic taste, their artistic education.

All children are talented and this is unquestionable. But sometimes we come across unconditional amazing talent, childish genius. They were called earlier - small geniuses. This was the young Mozart. Today, these guys were called miracle children or wunder-keys.

Sometimes the fate of such a child is sad. Early discovered extraordinary talent in some area and early coming fame often become disastrous for the fragile psyche of the child. Young "stars" are actors who brightly debuted in one and several films, singers, poets ... Their fates rarely develop in the future safely. Especially if the child becomes an unwitting hostage to parental ambitions.

Drug addiction, alcoholism, suicides, crimes - alas, this is the reverse side of childish genius. Young genius is a great test for parents, his upbringing requires from parents and mentors in the work of great tact, wisdom, genuine love for the child and art.

But let's not talk about sad things! We present to you four drawings that children painted before 10 years old, do not believe .. :-) See for yourself)

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